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Jiang Cai

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  • 2 weeks later...

I will buy 3500 BTC for 125% of the market price for investment activities.

Minimum single tranche: 100 BTC.

Payment: bank transfer.

Currency: EUR

Transaction method: KYC or None-KYC.

Way of implementation: remotely via the Internet (online).

The Seller moves first and sends his BTC to the specified wallet, then the Buyer immediately after receiving confirmation in the Bitcoin network sends a bank transfer to the bank account indicated by the Seller.

BTC buys more to secure future profits.

You do not accept the buyer's procedure - do not write.

Let's respect our time.

Offer for serious sellers BTC.

I don’t communicate via WhatsApp !
Contact me only via email:

Thanks & Regards
B. Carlo

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      $1300 for the software 
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