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Shrishailya Kavale


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======Tear4 Desk======
Here is general information about programs not invitation to buy or sell securities!

As a fixed programs we have: (our preference are cash funds in free accounts, but we could work bank instruments: BGs, SBLCs, MTNs) -ALL FROM TOP RATING BANKS

This is information of the PRIVATE PLACEMENT , in case of your interest. The team is official member facilator of different platform, having the privilege of have directly line with Singapour, NY, Tok-HK and London. With clear policies. If you will be our client, no one who come from you can contact us without your permission.

The terms of our platform are:

KYC of client,

Bank statement &Tear Sheet showing your POF.

RWA from your bank to you demonstrating you willing to either block via 799/760 -there are more option as admind hold or screenshot or confirmation by secured email-or issue an instrument BG or SBLC to your designee or assignee.

Board resolution* -if the investor is a company

Signing of all documents and returning them to us; (Board Resolution, FSA)

Issuing instruments on timely basis. send swift MT799 and MT760.

Trade begins

Email:- tradeplatforme@gmail.com
Skype:- kavaleshri2410

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      We provide BG,SBLC,MT103,project funding, LOANS and can Open Business/Trading Bank Account in world top rated banks.   Brokers are welcomed and protected.   We awaits your positive response,
    • By JAI KUMAR
      Hello every one. 
      Today I want to share with you some fact about sblc /BG.. And why people get scammed. 
      First of all when client needs to get sblc or Bg. They must have to return the instrument.if you are taking in lease or deffered Purches.. Why I use word deffered purchasing beacuse instrument never be sold in less price.. It's always be sold in full price.. That's why lender do first year defferd Purches and second year client can return or pay full amount and take the instrument in out right Purches. 
      There are many people says that I will open account for u in xyz banks.. He will open for you also.. But when you give him filled application they will change some things from application form. Like 
      They will erase your email ID. So bank will send all login id password to his email id and account activation notification. And they will inform you that your account is opened.. Not bank.. So this is first point of fraud.. And after that when u diposite the fund in ur bank.. They will withdraw and disappear.. 
      Yes it's true that bank take fees for issuance.bank take 2% of issuance fees but you always go with FCA regulated escrow agent. .dont open account. If you open account from ur own account scammers and fraud people will withdraw the fund.so becarefull.
      And this is the bitter truth that if client have not any portfolio. Bank will. Never support him.. So please first make your portfolio and then try for any instruments. 
      Thanks and Regards 
      Stay safe stay healthy 
      Jai Kumar 
    • By Shrishailya Kavale
      100M TO 5B: (MINIMUM 400% in 10 days + 40 WEEKS)
      ✓ Tear sheet/SBLC/BG/MTN trade program available starting at 100 million USD and up. 
      ✓ Funds stay in the client's account with no block, Admin hold or SWIFT.
      ✓ MTN,SBLC,BG required SWIFT 
      ✓ Initial first 10 days trade followed a 40-week program.
      ✓ These programs come and go very quickly, time is of the essence
      Program Overview:
      ▪ Minimum 400% in 10 days + 40 Week Trade with 50% per week
      ▪ Minimum: 100M USD or equivalent CASH/SBLC/BG/MTN
      ▪ Max: 5B+ USD or equivalent 
      ▪ Desk in London, SINGAPORE and Switzerland
      ▪ Top banks in most countries. Others on individual basis
      ▪ Current dated Tear sheet/INSTRUMENT COPY within 48 hours of KYC and submission
      ▪ Tear Sheet/account Statement signed in wet blue ink by same two bank officers listed in the KYC
      ▪ Two banker’s business cards
      ▪ KYC signed in wet blue ink
      ▪ Documents submitted for due diligence, normally 7/8 days.(Normaly Delay bcz Covide-19)
      ▪ Fee agreement executed by client in favor of consultants.
      ▪ Once file clears Due Diligence contract is issued.
      ▪ Updated tear sheet provided.
      ▪ Trading starts on the following Monday
      ▪ 10 Days big return at MINIMUM 400% in 10 days (Historical), followed by 40-week program at 50%/week
      month, additional.
      Note:- MTNs & all Program we will increase return after DD will pass-out.
      SKYPE:- kavaleshri2410
      WHATSAPP:- +44 7451200903
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