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Receivers Needed EU/UK

Accounts + Coinbase

High Payouts Guaranteed 

70/30 For Middles but open to discuss, if you bring multiple Accounts.

Telegram: Moneybagz 
icq: Moneybagz6

or drop contacts below

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Hello sir 

we are high limit receiver. 
we can give bank PGL 

please contact us: 


+31 6 87 21 42 36



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Guest Freddy

Hi, can you pm directly, let's have a good deal.  h119801985@gmail.com

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Guest Arjun

Pls wtsap me available all accounts of all countries. My wtsap number +919871258754

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      *Need Turkish company Bank account for wire transfer (I can as well open account for you, I have inside in bank for multiple transaction).
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      🆘 *Please I Need The Direct Mandate Of The Below listed IPIP Receiving Companies*
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      1-I need a direct receiver/mandate of DB germany for wire transfer. I'm direct to the sender mandate, amount €500m.
      2-I need a direct receiver/mandate for Alliance lite 2, I'm direct to sender mandate, amount €500m.you must submit CIS with account video not older than 3weeks old showing Alliance lite 2 code for sender's approval before we issue contracts to you.
      3- I need a direct receiver/mandate for IPIP most preferablly Europe, Asia (excluding Indonesia) for my two IPIP senders(each with its own terms and procedures,one of which is f2f exchange of final codes and the other must have a video call with your receiver before the exchange of documents and kicking of the transaction)
      first sender between 50b-100b
      Second sender, we upload according to Receiver's capacity,upto Trillions. 
      All transactions I'm direct, no broker Chains.. You must be direct to your receiver to close any of this deals quickly.
      Email: Feelmrnice@gmail.com 
      WhatsApp: +2348082689101 
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