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Guest sandy india

Online and Offline.

Online/Pre Authorized online with 6 digits code
Rate 50% Receiver
Rate 40% Sender

Media   10 %

Offline Rate

We need Video of sender  card front and back

Passport of owner

Balance of the account

The owner must hold his passport with his card as proof he agree to do this transaction.

Sandy 0091 9920184307

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    • By Keyuser
      I need 6₃*2₂*1₃*2₂*3₃*8₁*2₂*6₃* for wire transfer to deutsche bank dubai
      It's for 10M !!!
      Thanks !!
    • By James Akins
      I have 6 digit and 4 digit working online pos machine
       I need pre auth step one online 6 digit fressh documents pls   for serious person
    • By pops anderson
      i need offline ,offline 6 digit pos receiver
      i have a direct  source that`s direct to the 6 digit pos receiver
      i also have the
      todays 3/25/2020 video ok
      100m euros max    
      ratio  as follows
      45% +5% sender
      and his mandate / intermediaries
      40%pos receiver
      5% open to pos  intermediaries
      5% me.Richard receiver side facilitator cplz be real no nonsense b/s games 
      nor am i going to just send out this video to every tom/dick and harry
      so so sorry noway it `s going to happen!! i need a real sender  a real sender a real sender a real sender,get it!
    • By pops anderson
      i need a real direct 6 digit pos receiver and not some broker chain for my sender.we will needa tdays current video
      first tranche 200k with
      upto 2m euros tranches 
      the key is the  current video sent to me at my email raoilandgas953@gmail.com only and not on this iste  ,period!!!
      ratio as follows
      40% sender 
      10% sender mandate /intermediaries open
      40% receiver
      10% me,Richard  receiver side close
    • By Nino
      I have POS receivers in different locations
      Offline and online 6 digit in Brazil
      Online 4 digits in dubai 
      Online 6 digit in Indonesia 
      Online 6 digit in Malaysia 
      Direct card holder/loader please whatsapp me +2348038124079 
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