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100M TO 5B: (MINIMUM 400% in 10 days + 40 WEEKS)
✓ Tear sheet/SBLC/BG/MTN trade program available starting at 100 million USD and up. 
✓ Funds stay in the client's account with no block, Admin hold or SWIFT.
✓ MTN,SBLC,BG required SWIFT 
✓ Initial first 10 days trade followed a 40-week program.
✓ These programs come and go very quickly, time is of the essence

Program Overview:
▪ Minimum 400% in 10 days + 40 Week Trade with 50% per week
▪ Minimum: 100M USD or equivalent CASH/SBLC/BG/MTN
▪ Max: 5B+ USD or equivalent 
▪ Desk in London, SINGAPORE and Switzerland
▪ Top banks in most countries. Others on individual basis
▪ Current dated Tear sheet/INSTRUMENT COPY within 48 hours of KYC and submission
▪ Tear Sheet/account Statement signed in wet blue ink by same two bank officers listed in the KYC
▪ Two banker’s business cards
▪ KYC signed in wet blue ink
▪ Documents submitted for due diligence, normally 7/8 days.(Normaly Delay bcz Covide-19)
▪ Fee agreement executed by client in favor of consultants.
▪ Once file clears Due Diligence contract is issued.
▪ Updated tear sheet provided.
▪ Trading starts on the following Monday
▪ 10 Days big return at MINIMUM 400% in 10 days (Historical), followed by 40-week program at 50%/week
month, additional.

Note:- MTNs & all Program we will increase return after DD will pass-out.




SKYPE:- kavaleshri2410

WHATSAPP:- +44 7451200903

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