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Why people got scammed by scammers in finance .

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Hello every one. 

Today I want to share with you some fact about sblc /BG.. And why people get scammed. 

First of all when client needs to get sblc or Bg. They must have to return the instrument.if you are taking in lease or deffered Purches.. Why I use word deffered purchasing beacuse instrument never be sold in less price.. It's always be sold in full price.. That's why lender do first year defferd Purches and second year client can return or pay full amount and take the instrument in out right Purches. 

There are many people says that I will open account for u in xyz banks.. He will open for you also.. But when you give him filled application they will change some things from application form. Like 

They will erase your email ID. So bank will send all login id password to his email id and account activation notification. And they will inform you that your account is opened.. Not bank.. So this is first point of fraud.. And after that when u diposite the fund in ur bank.. They will withdraw and disappear.. 

Yes it's true that bank take fees for issuance.bank take 2% of issuance fees but you always go with FCA regulated escrow agent. .dont open account. If you open account from ur own account scammers and fraud people will withdraw the fund.so becarefull.

And this is the bitter truth that if client have not any portfolio. Bank will. Never support him.. So please first make your portfolio and then try for any instruments. 

Thanks and Regards 

Stay safe stay healthy 

Jai Kumar 


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