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Need Sender for Wire Transfer to Denmark Bank


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I am the account owner

Sender needed for wire transfer to my Denmark account.

Online access can be made possible if loader is serious to work.

Send pm or reply on this thread if you have a sender for european banks.

Serious senders or mandates!!

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    • By Berakel
      If you are need account available for wire transfer or offshore account inbox me. Whatsapp: +22995809801
    • By Mc Bandon
      Citibank Swiss, USA , Germany 
       JP Morgan Swiss,
      hsbc Germany, UK, Hong Kong, France,
      Barclays germany, UK, Halifax UK,
      TD TRUST Canada are availabl
      for MT103 cash transfer 
      don’t ask me currently video if you don’t have POF.
    • By Michael Bisong
      1. Citibank 
      2. Capital one 
      3. Suntrust
      4. BOA 
      5. Wells Fargo
      6. Navy federal credit union 
      7. Chase bank 
      8. PNC 
      *And 15 more accounts available both in US, CANADA, GERMANY AND SOME OTHER COUNTRIES*
      To receive wire transfer, wire check/cashier check, direct deposit and pick up only
    • By Ngale Moise
      Bring your wire wire deal here
      WhatsApp: +31687668314
    • By Carnage89

      If anyone wants to transfer the money to CitiBank Poland (European Union) for any reason, please contact me for further discussion.

      The business deal (KYC or None-KYC)  is only for:
      * Wire Bank Transfer (SWIFT MT103 single customer transfer) - no limit Not IPIP. Not SWIFT GPI. Not MT103/202. Not MT103+
      * SEPA (SCT) - standard european bank transfer (Iban to Iban) - no limit
      * SEPA (ICT) - instant european bank transfer (Iban to Iban) - max 100K euro Not SEPA Direct Debit (SDD).

      The business account (multi currency: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, PLN) are verified and active. No limit. No hassles. No problems.

      Ratio to be agreed.
      No advance fee scams please. Thank you.

      Contact me via email:
      easysend@europe.com   Thanks & Regards ACCOUNT OWNER & DIRECT BENEFICIARY                  
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