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I want Direct IPIP, IPID, DTC receiver mandate only


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🔱 *Direct and Real IPIP/IPID/DTC receiver mandate needed for FRESH UPLOADS* 🔱

 ~Am tired meeting just brokers looking for RECEIVERS we Previously made uploads to, it's all just time wasting~

          ‼️ *CHAT ME ONLY IF* ‼️

 ```-You Understand What Is IPIP, IPID AND DTC transaction and procedures``` 

 ```-You Are Direct or at most Second Degree person to the receiver.``` 

 ```-Your Receiver is not From Indonesia, India or Chinese Receivers```


              ‼️ *SENDER'S*‼️
 ```-We Issue Fresh CONTRACT only with total face value, first tranche, second and subsequent tranche according to RECEIVER'S capacity/limit.``` 

 ```-We make uploads using whichever PROCEDURES is most Suitable to the receiver and his Bank.``` 

 ```-We can do BO to BO transaction with MT199 or NOT (As the receiver so desires).``` 
- Ratios Are Negotiable.
*NOTE: this is my direct SENDER , ~no intermediaries or anybody in between~ , as such I expect you to speak with the RECEIVER directly or his direct mandate at Most.* 

 *I only work with proofs of who you are to the receiver, if you have nothing to prove your relationship with the receiver, then kindly keep off* 

*Anyone else who repost this outside FRANK NINO is a complete ~SCAM!!!~*

WhatsApp +2348038124079 

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I need you to ensure the following:

1. The receiver has DTC Vostro Account to download the funds.

2. The receiver bank has farm 42 phython system.

3. The receiver’s banker is level g13 and above.

4. The receiver’s banker understand and knows how to perform the download.

5. Making sure the receiver can follow all the procedures.

6. Ratio looking for at least 35% + 5% sender and 55% + 5% receiver.

7. Maximum amount they can do one time.

8. Minimum $10B up to $100T Tranche

9. Sender from Europe and mandate in Malaysia   

10. If you are agree then provide us CIS.                      You will be get DOA draft and summarised procedures files with instructions after your reply here...

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