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I Need The Direct Rep/⁕]✲þ]✹⚇&❀﹁&✹「⌅⁎&︻⚇⊙⚇⌅❅⚇︷


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🆘 *Please I want the Direct Mandate TO 👉🏾 BBC INTERNATIONAL LTD*

*Represented by 👉🏾 MR. DANIELE BRAZZI*

*Transactions done on*

*24th MAY, 2020*

*Direct to the mandate? No problem, if you ain't anywhere near second degree person from the mandate, carefully slide please..aint gon share any screen with you if you have no proof to be direct to the mandate ~Brokers ain't entertained~. And yes,I'm direct ⁎⚇✲þ⚇︷&×]✲þ]✹⚇*

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Hi Kiong, thanks for your note, re: Daniele.  An associate just sent me a contract dated April 9, 2021 supposedly signed by said Mr. Brazzi.  Now they are looking for slips for funds deposited.  I'm thinking, seems like pirates have used his ID to initiate a transfer.

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  • OIXCIV changed the title to I Need The Direct Rep/⁕]✲þ]✹⚇&❀﹁&✹「⌅⁎&︻⚇⊙⚇⌅❅⚇︷
Guest Jack

Bonjour à tous,

J'essaie de me renseigner sur cette société BBC et M. Brazzi. Quelle est leur activité ? Existent-ils vraiment ou est-ce une coquille vide ? 

M. Brazzi est-il toujours au sein de l'entreprise ?

Merci pour vos réponses



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