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A no profit organization with account on primary Italian bank, available to receive funds with contract.

No advisors by our side.

Ratio can be discuss.

Please no scammers, no black list.

mail to: veralodico@gmail.com

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    • By pops anderson
      i have a direct  mt103 receiver in california (united states) he has a wells fargo acct that can receive mt103 cash transactions .we are need and looking for real no broker chain of  mt103 cash senders  preferred ratio as follows 
      45% receiver
      5% me,Richard  receiver side close 
      plz reply to either my email which is 
      my whatsapp here in the states 
      +1 817 606 9734
      P.S. we also have HSBC accts. in the U.K. 
      P.S.S. we also can receive cash with on line access with the wells fargo acct in the states
    • By pops anderson
      plz everyone let`s get real here and stop the nonsense b/s ok !!!!
      i have a direct  direct  mt103 receiver 
      max 50m euros   trial contract  with 5m euros tranches  with rolls / extensions
      this has to be cash cash transaction and not   credit,plz understand the difference ok! plz understand i`m direct and no brokers btwn me and the reciver and i`m on receiver side !ratio as follows  55% sender(remember sender  pays you not the receiver)
      40% receiver 
      5% me ,Richard close
      if interested  reply to me via my email
      i have the receiver cis only to the sender not brokers!
      plz reply 
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