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I need investor for instaglobalpay account


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    • By blanco williams
      WHATSAPP : +46704766891
    • By John Leonard
      I have a Chqse b@nk with $600M balance . I am looking for 5 rec@ivers who have  verified BPS Account (Bitpaysmart) to receive. This is urgent.  the sending shall be in less tranches for security purposes. Minimum per tranche is $500k . This is a rush update, Lets deal now!!!!

      Contact me on telegram @+1 (782) 858-9031 , WhatsApp https://wa.link/qvj1gs
    • By blanco williams
      I have a Chase bankk logg with $850M balance . I am looking for 5 receiva who have verified BPS Account (Bitpaysmart) to receive. This is urgent. the sending shall be in less tranches for security purposes. Minimum per tranche is $500k . This is a rush update, Let's deal now!!!!
      WHATSAPP : +46704766891 
      TELEGRAM: https://t.me/santiago_official 
      To obtain a BPS account, visit www.bitpaysmart.com . I can equally help you walk you through application process if I confirm the positive mind towards collaboratively making money. 
      NB: Any message outside the scope of this deal/offer will ignored. Sorry in advance. 
    • By Theo David
      Hi! I was in direct coordination with some of Investors located in Europe.
      They're looking for possible local/foreign company to invest with under the long term partnership. If there are interested, feel free to message me. And prepare the company portfolios/presentation.
      I don't ask for UPFRONT FEE or anything. Just a matter of help
      Thank you.
    • By Sreven Lamar
      I am programmer. I am working on a [Banned Words Removed] deal , and I am looking for investors for partnership. 
      I have 1 investor already and I need just one more to complete the total funds needed. There is no need for too many investors to avoid unnecessary financial disputes and misunderstanding.
      Total value expected at the end of the process is approximately $15M .
      I shall explain the procedure in details when you contact me directly on
       whatsapp : +962 7 9878 9471
      email : lamarsteven1772177@gmail.com
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