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    • By universal tech
      We are strong নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী from India, having smooth 2d link to swap any card.
      Contact genuine Gidili nga Sulud or [banned words removed]. 
    • By Powell Mariyah
      hello dear investors and crypto holders worldwide....we wish to announce to the world that our company (Exchange broker)  Finds Future Assets Exchange Group (FFAEG ) monetize and liquidates all virtual funds of the future to Bitcoin with the magnificent strategies of mining with great cryptographics technologies   to help you monetize your virtual funds like Instawalletpay, Internationalglobalpay, global business pay , Nexaglobalpay and more  to the most usable crypto currency which is Bitcoin.
      Our company is also incharge  of Real estate investments .
      contact us via whatsapp: +1(720)(437)(9341) for quick response 
    • By Kelvin Harris
      I need USAA BANK account for now instant reflection and cash out... Old or new one... With online acess.. 5k to 25k deal or upward.. it a sweet deal asap new or old account is welcome
      I Need Citi Bank, PNc Bank, Truist Bank, Wells Fargo all usa bank is needed for sure cash out..
      I Need All types of Canadian Bank for instant reflection... Dm me now asap
      I Need voyager.
      I Need Crypto.com.
      I need coin base..
      I need 073 Cash App With Online Access For Instant funds
      And also
      I Need Usa Cc With Online Access For Instant Reflection job..
      Dm me now for massive Funding asap asap
      Only trusted person should dm me now asap
      I need truist bank USA 
      And All types of Canadian Bank..
      Online Access Is compulsory..
      For Sure Funds...
      Dm me now asap.. on WhatsApp..only.. +2347083676583..
    • By Voicemail
      Are Looking for a credible নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী fo your PayPal funds and someone who can redirect them to bitcoin or Western union and send to you? I can offer that as a service. Will not ask for upfront charges and will turn around your funds in as little as an hour
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