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First sender:

I need HDFC Singapore Receiver to receive MT103 wire transfer in batches of 50m. Send CIS

Second sender:

I need Citibank, Barclays, BNP Paribas, HSBC, Standard Chartered in Germany account holder for a direct Swift MT103 transfer.
- Receiver MT 103 Direct
- 500M Euro or more (up to receiver capacity)
- 20% Receiver
- Commission 10% (5% Receiver side, 5% Sender side).
Chat with us on Wassup ONLY IF you accept the sharing ratio of senders.

whatsapp chat 👇


You are automatically direct to whatsapp chat

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    • By Murad Ali
      Kindly needs of নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী with, An old  limited account which can take up several hit on the account,I'm fed-up by getting fake deals from brokers ,Only account owner personal who ready to participate in transaction should contact my WhatsApp +971568461335
    • By Kutty thora
      Germony HSBC &
      Commerz bank other than Germony 
      Should give vedio 
      Sign agreement 
      Should meet f2f
      Full KYC 
      Direct transfer 
      25 নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী
      5 media 
      Citlivý obsah 70
      Both over 250 MN € 
      Release 1 to 10mn trenches.  
      Continues deal long term.
      If all OK only send me CIS.
      DM  or mail pls 
    • By SAM DH
      Hello ,
      We are urgently looking for a genuine and serious receiver for these two Banks.  For our DD to the Receivers, we would like to receive an official CIS from the Receiver.  The total amount is € 500,000,000 five hundred million euros.  It is an MT103 CASH TRANSFER.
      NEED BANK: 
      DB BANK from Singapore
      JP Morgan Europe
      Whats-app : +1 5099551132
    • By Truth foundation
      QIIB Qatar Reciver  Account avilable for MT103 direct cash Transfer.
      No long Media
      Direct to Reciver
      Contact us on +96891462493
    • By James Hanjoren
      I need provider of MT199 from Deutsche Bank Germany... No advance payment but payment guarantee shall be provided for Issuer in advance. Please don't ask me for any upfront fees.
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