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URGENTLY Need Loader/ Sender for Mt 103 Manual Download .

Yunus Gul

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    • By Georgia Investment Group
      We can re$eive:
      1. GPI direct cash transfer
      2. GPI automatic with UETR code (digit account)
      3. GPI semi-automatic
      4. GPI Manual
      5. 103 manual download (STP/FTP mode, nostro/common/global)
      if you are interested, send me a private message that you need (payment type, ratio, re$eiver's country, DOA).
    • By onpos60
      I have 2 deals worth of $ 80B ( in tranches) of mt103 MD
      Bank RWA is a MUST
      Company PGL
      no mt199
      SWIFT copy will be given after the locking step
      fresh jobs
      we can work with few takers same time 
    • By Baduracox
      My re-ce-va is looking for genuine Se-nda for GPI automatic/manual download , MT103/202 Cash transfer & MT103/202 manual download STP with MT199 or Without. Only direct mandate should contact me, Ratio is 40% inclusive with Se-nda's mandate and  60% to re-ce-va for Non KYC, For full KYC ratio is negotiable. No time wasters or longchain allowed as zoom call will be done with the Se-nda mandate. So if your Se-nda is okay with my post then dm me... 
      Email: badurcox@gmail.com 
      Skype: Badur Cox
      Telegram: Badur Cox
    • By Ccloader
      FTP manuel Dowload receive r available in Moroccan bank, 100% sure payout, government ties for authorization and clearance. Window open for next week. Real sennder needed!! Mt199 IS A MUST (NO UPFRONT) test accepted.
      I never waste my time with these deals 99.9% fail with no payout but this is deadly serious and one time opportunity with big operators to handle transaction and also cover in place to make fund clear. Payout is guaranteed with no blockage. First come first serve for only 1 [banned words removed].
      Direct message me or leave your telegram.
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