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Do you have any USA debit card for offline loading?

Any of the USA debit card. Client must send me his account number and account name with his bank name for the instant transfer on the debit card

And client must get a USA fresh $100 steam Wallet gift card Or Google play card and also the bank debit card. I will use the gift card to unlock funds from the Convid19 American Database and make a transfer to the debit card offline so there won't be traces. Then the client will quickly go and withdraw the money I load from the ATM or he can buy Bitcoin and send me my own percentage ASAP!
But the first amount I'm transferring is $4,000 dollars.

Then once client cash out with the debit card he should send me my percentage.

You can buy a new car with this update :)

Plz contact us 
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      Offline pos machine receiver (only physical card with loaded) available in bangalore. Ratio 70 receiver + 30 card holder serious people only mail media dont waste time. Offline card image is must we send
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      Online & Offline pos available now in India 
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      Come WhatsApp +19294175218
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