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Online POS available


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    • By BO team
      We are doing large-scale overseas trade, doing jewelry and real estate business。Our platform is equivalent to an online pos machine。When you complete each transaction, our bank will transfer you directly instead of my account。It’s like you go to Starbucks to buy a cup of coffee and we will pay you back。our conditions are very simple
      Requirements for card owners
      1、the money in the card can be check and zithdraz in the ATM
      2、put the cardholder passport and the card front together and take a HD picture(NO PS PIC, MUST REAL PIC),we need to report it to the Bank
      3、The cardholder and the card do not need to be present,just give 【card number,exp date,cvv,cardholder name】 is enough。of course , if the cardholder want f2f , That`s OK if cardholder can come to China
      Plz contact me on Telegram:@dddd9999d
    • By pops anderson
      plz come to Brazil for a face to face  transaction
      bring your card   bring your card  bring your card
      we have a online 6 digit pos machine/terminal 
      50/50 ratio 4 day payout contact me  via my whatsapp+18176069734
    • By Mo biz
      EMAIL: mobiz8581@gmail.com 
    • By Herry patel
      Mt 103 202 manual download 
      Direct wire trasaction 
      xxxxxxx  available  right now any one up for the deal and we have offline pos available riciver anybody deal contect 
    • By Nyarko Clinton
      Pos owner needed 
      machine owner should be able to provide card 
      I am only Verboden inhoud owners card only 
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