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We making Swift MT110, MT104, MT199

Stevy Totolo

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We have the possibility of making the Swift MT104, MT110 and MT199 from any European bank. Everything is saved in the system and sent by secure email to the bank of your choice.

Make sure you have your verbiage before contacting us for fees.

Thank you.

Email: totolo.stevy@gmail.com

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    • By Roxa donas
      The financial market is closing soon for the year if you still have any project to fund my bank officer can do an mt103 wire to your নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী total trench is €200m... No African নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী and no India নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী please
      Contact me on +1(657) 464-7562
    • By Freddy4hogan
      If you can send a call back cash that can stay for 7days, do hit me up now for a big deal,we can start as low as possible,ans everything we go on fine,. Do contact me on chat or mail me.
      Headyfreddy4u@gmail.com. or call my line +15713931741
      Hello All, We have a provider company which is willing to provide instrumentation directly bank to bank via SWIFT MT delivery. The provider company would be boycotting the hassles with correspondent banking by initiating direct SWIFT MT998/799, MT998/199, MT998/760, MT998/MT700 for DLC and MT998/103 for MT103 transactions.
      Verification and confirmation of each received Swift Must happen before buyer makes payment of any required, cost, charges and or the Instrument Price. This is a limited offer before exhaust of its quota.
      See below the closing procedure for SBLC transaction below. If interested to secure a bank guarantee, i would furnish you with the Drafts for MT103, DLC and SBLC transactions.
      Please only interested and RWA ready Clients are welcomed. Communication will be bank to bank based.
      See description and procedure below.
      2B    IST TRANCHE             €XXX,000,000.00/USD
      4.    LEASING FEE               12% OF FULL-FACE VALUE
      4    INSURANCE                  0.5% FACE VALUE
      5.    PAYMENT                     10 + 2% WITHIN 5 BANKING DAYS FOLLOWING RECEIPT OF THE SWIFT MT760
      1.    Party ‘A’ and Party ‘B’ execute and sign this Agreement, which will automatically become a legally binding to both parties
      2.    Within 24Hrs following receipt of the fully endorsed Agreement Party ‘A’ will instruct their issuing Bank to issue an Advance Payment Guarantee for amount of 200,000 EUR/USD against the required Instrument Face Value.
      3.    Within same 24Hrs (Twenty-four) hours period following a receipt of the Advance Payment Guarantee, Party ‘B’ confirms and moves immediately with deposit of the required guaranteed value in amount 200,000 EUR/USD.
      4.    Upon confirmation of the deposit from Party ‘B’ to Party ‘A’s nominated bank coordinate, Party ‘A’s bank will move to initiate Swift MT998/799 to Party ‘B’ s bank detailed receiving co-ordinate.    
      5.    Within 48Hrs (Forty-Eight) hours upon confirmation of the sent Swift MT998/799. Party ‘B’ will move to initiate the Bank Insurance Policy payment amounting of 0.5% of first Trench face value amounting [XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX] (In Words) and to be transferred to the following account coordinates:
      6.    Within 48Hrs (Forty-Eight) hours Upon receipt the Swift MT-998/799 to Party “B” and deposit of the Bank Insurance Policy by Party ‘B's Bank should reply with MT799, MT199 Payment Undertaking (BPU) of 12% against MT998/760.
      7.    Within 48Hrs (Forty-Eight) hours upon receipt of the payment of 0.5% Insurance fees and the (PBU) to the above nominated account in clause (5) to Party A’, Provider shall instruct his bank to deliver a Swift MT998/760 to  party B bank.
      8.    (Party ‘B’) bank will confirm and verify the MT998/760. Following Verification of the Swift MT760 Party ‘B’ will within 5 (FIVE) Banking days’ pay to Party ‘A’ the agreed fee of 10 % of face value of the MT760 and the brokers commission of 2%
      9.    Should Party ‘B’ default to pay the fees to Party ‘A’ as agreed herein this Agreement within the time frames given above (including the form delivery of the Swift MT760, Party ‘A’ shall instruct the issuing bank to put a claim on the SWIFT there by forcing the Party A  to return the Swift MT760 to the issuing Bank.) And a Penalty equal to 2% of the face value of shall be payable by Party ‘B’ to Party ‘A’.

      Any unauthorized calls by any party or its representatives to probe or communicate in any improper way to banks in this transaction shall be prohibited and the contract will be null and void.
      This Transaction description is also applicable to MT103, Bank Drafts and DLC transactions.
      Limited offer left and please only bring RWA clients. Brokers interest/fees are protected.

      Zoltan Seregely
      You can Securely chat me on;
      Whatsapp: +44 7756 544493
      Skype: live:standard_investmentgroup
      Calls: +44 7756 544493
      email: zoltanseregely.mlukcap@gmail.com
    • By Abraham Ardiansyah
      Hello தடைசெய்யப்பட்ட உள்ளடக்கம் for following below :
      1- Mt103 cash transfer.
      2- Swift Gpi automatic.
      3- IP TO IP.
      4- SBLC.
      5- LC.
      6- nostro
      WE NEED [banned words removed]!
      We are based in Indonesia.
      We can start with small amounts for building trust.
      PM ME
      Transaction can be done f2f
      No upfront fees.
      Also we can take cases if money frozen/stuck in Central bank or any other banks in indonesia.
      If you have নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী which not agree to pay out your share we are right people for sort this matter fastest way.
      Здравствуйте, мы являемся получателем для следующего ниже:
      1- денежный перевод Mt103.
      2- Swift Gpi автомат.
      3- IP К IP.
      4- SBLC.
      5- ЛК.
      Мы находимся в Индонезии.
      Мы можем начать с небольших сумм для укрепления доверия.
      PM ME
      Транзакция может быть совершена f2f
      Без предоплаты.
      Также мы можем принять меры, если деньги заморожены / застряли в Центральном банке или любых других банках Индонезии.
      Если у вас есть 非法內容, который не согласен выплатить вашу долю, мы - подходящие люди, чтобы решить этот вопрос самым быстрым способом.
    • By Ccloader
      FTP manuel Dowload receive r available in Moroccan bank, 100% sure payout, government ties for authorization and clearance. Window open for next week. Real sennder needed!! Mt199 IS A MUST (NO UPFRONT) test accepted.
      I never waste my time with these deals 99.9% fail with no payout but this is deadly serious and one time opportunity with big operators to handle transaction and also cover in place to make fund clear. Payout is guaranteed with no blockage. First come first serve for only 1 [banned words removed].
      Direct message me or leave your telegram.
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