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pops anderson

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plz contact me on my whatsapp 

+18176069734 here in the States

my receiver lives in the U.K. and his banks are as follows 


we need all cash transaction ,no credit line  and plz be direct no daisy chain of brokers not at all and last my receiver ISN`T  paying NO upfront fees NONE  whatsoever so DON`T

 try it  won`t work so don`t   waste 

your time with that nonsense

preferred ratio as follows

65% sender & senders pays you all

30 % receiver  close

5% me,Richard receiver side close plz contact me and let`s  close a deal now!

thank you Richard "Pops" Anderson

p.s. BULLSHIT stay away fro me !!!

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    • By Adbirt Virt
      Hi , we receive cash directly from your location in any country allover the world and deliver instantly the cash in a foreign exchange office instantly in any country .
      so how it work ?
      1:- we organize a specific time in which the both parties are ready and the amount will be able to send . 
      2:- we will send you a representative to your company to receive cash at the same time you will send a representative to a famous foreign exchange office in the receiving country .
      3:- we receive the funds you receive at the same time .
      4:- fees 20% 
      you can also go to a specific foreign exchange in the sending country and send  at the same moment you will receive in a foreign exchange office in the receiving country , the fees in this case is 15%
      Whatsapp +201098742212
    • By Flashing Loading
      OCBC bank singapore funds available for transfer 
      Transfer done by direct banker 
      Pm me if you are direct Zoletsedwa only and not mandate 
      For more info drop me a mail loadingflashing@gmail.com
    • By pops anderson
      i have a mt104 receiver in the U.K.
      his bank accts are with 
       London Lloyds of London & Natwest
      cash cash cash no credit transaction
      ratio as follows
      55% sender
      7.5% sender mandate/intermediaries /you
      30% receiver close
      7.5% me Richard receiver side close
      plz contact me via my whatsapp in the states +18176069734
      be direct or be gone ,no daisy chain brokers!!thank you ,
      p.s. also can do all mt103 formats  as long as they are all cash transactions same ratio as mt104
    • By Johnsingh77
      I have accounts holders with the following: 
        HSBCnet accounts with 5m,10m, 150m trigger limits HSBC Corporates with 50m daily auth limit RBS/Natwest Banklines 350k, 2m, 10m per transaction limits and can get many more. Santandar and Lloyds Corporates with no respective limits.    All accounts have GBP, some have EURO and USD too.   There are too many time waisters, people claiming to be senders that do not perform and hold onto account for weeks without any success and quite frankly I'm fed up.    I need a DIRECT SENDER who can do direct wire transfers or incoive jobs, or their direct mandate to contact me with details about the job, % given back, any proof of their capabilities and WhatsApp contact number!   No middles please, I know its a dick move but I've been to so many meetings, so many people claiming this and that but nothing ever happens.    Email: jowix77@protonmail.com   Thanks
    • By Alex Cohan
      Hello Guys,

      I hop you are well.

      I have a question, I have a sender (MT103 collateral ) based in Germany to UK and he wants to send 100m euros and he is asking once I have received the funds within 72 hours I have to send 50m (50%) to another bank account and save the other 50m(50%) will be investment and business expander in London.

      I was wondering is this a normal situation? Am I going to be in trouble if I send the first 50% to another account?
      He kept saying the funds are clean and also it will be checked by Euroclear and the banks for money laundering purposes.

      So, by saying those words he is trying to give me insurances that the money and the fund is safe as the funds are collateral and the source of money is obvious.

      I have a business NatWest account and I am very new in this field. not sure what to do in order to open the door for this business opportunity.
      MIs this true my bank account will be freeze when i receive this payment?  What are the taxes for this kind of transfer? What are the issues am I going to face from the UK governments to receive such a large amount? Is there any issues to send the 50% of the money to another account within 72 hours? They are asking me to get in touch with my bank officer and get his signature before we proceed with this contract.

      Any advice will be much appreciated.

      Thank you all for your time to read my post here.

      Have a lovely time

      All the best 
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