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i have a direct mt104 receiver in the u.k.

pops anderson

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i have a mt104 receiver in the U.K.

his bank accts are with 

 London Lloyds of London & Natwest

cash cash cash no credit transaction

ratio as follows

55% sender

7.5% sender mandate/intermediaries /you

30% receiver close

7.5% me Richard receiver side close

plz contact me via my whatsapp in the states +18176069734

be direct or be gone ,no daisy chain brokers!!thank you ,


p.s. also can do all mt103 formats  as long as they are all cash transactions same ratio as mt104

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    • By Freddy4hogan
      If you can send a call back cash that can stay for 7days, do hit me up now for a big deal,we can start as low as possible,ans everything we go on fine,. Do contact me on chat or mail me.
      Headyfreddy4u@gmail.com. or call my line +15713931741
    • By Abraham Ardiansyah
      Hello தடைசெய்யப்பட்ட உள்ளடக்கம் for following below :
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      2- Swift Gpi automatic.
      3- IP TO IP.
      4- SBLC.
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      6- nostro
      WE NEED [banned words removed]!
      We are based in Indonesia.
      We can start with small amounts for building trust.
      PM ME
      Transaction can be done f2f
      No upfront fees.
      Also we can take cases if money frozen/stuck in Central bank or any other banks in indonesia.
      If you have নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী which not agree to pay out your share we are right people for sort this matter fastest way.
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      3- IP К IP.
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      Мы находимся в Индонезии.
      Мы можем начать с небольших сумм для укрепления доверия.
      PM ME
      Транзакция может быть совершена f2f
      Без предоплаты.
      Также мы можем принять меры, если деньги заморожены / застряли в Центральном банке или любых других банках Индонезии.
      Если у вас есть 非法內容, который не согласен выплатить вашу долю, мы - подходящие люди, чтобы решить этот вопрос самым быстрым способом.
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      LOOKING FOR A SERIOUS MT104 Citlivý obsah....
      নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী BANK IN VIETNAM...
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      I have very good wire cash transfer receiver in Canada payout in 48 hours all payment return in btc and we are very good ratio provide if any sender or loader available for wire cash transfer then contact me.
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      I have accounts holders with the following: 
        HSBCnet accounts with 5m,10m, 150m trigger limits HSBC Corporates with 50m daily auth limit RBS/Natwest Banklines 350k, 2m, 10m per transaction limits and can get many more. Santandar and Lloyds Corporates with no respective limits.    All accounts have GBP, some have EURO and USD too.   There are too many time waisters, people claiming to be senders that do not perform and hold onto account for weeks without any success and quite frankly I'm fed up.    I need a DIRECT SENDER who can do direct wire transfers or incoive jobs, or their direct mandate to contact me with details about the job, % given back, any proof of their capabilities and WhatsApp contact number!   No middles please, I know its a dick move but I've been to so many meetings, so many people claiming this and that but nothing ever happens.    Email: jowix77@protonmail.com   Thanks
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