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Loans or SCAM


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Dear Forum Members,

There are so many posted here for loans 2% or 3% interest, but when i contacted them, everyone is asking all the details and at the final stage they asking a loan fee upfront. 
its all looks like a SCAM for me, any one here got the loan in real? or is there anyone here provides loan without any upfront fee/payment? any recommendations?

Thanks to all.

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    • By Lee Shen
      Bongyan Finance Limited, we are Genuine Bank Instrument Provider.

      A Genuine Bank Instrument Provider is a financial services provider like Bongyan Finance Limited that provides genuine banks instruments from some of the worlds biggest banks like Barclays bank London.

      This is a commitment in the form of writing issued by a bank to pay a particular sum of money to a beneficiary on behalf of a bank’s customer in a situation where the customer/purchaser does not have the ability to pay or perform its obligation financially to the seller.
      Bank Instrument means any standby letter of credit or letter of guarantee that is required (a) by a Contract or by a tender for a Contract, or (b) with respect to performance or financial obligations of the Customer or an Affiliate, and in either case, that has been or will be issued to the Beneficiary by the Bank or the Foreign Bank.
      Some bank instruments may also be divided according to their asset class, which depends on whether they are debt-based or equity-based.
      Bank Financial instruments can assist individuals, businesses, organizations and governments to overcome conventional banking challenges and fund their projects, businesses, trade financing, import and export transactions or other strategic objectives.
      Examples of bank instruments are:
      Bank Guarantee (BG)
       Certificate of time deposits (CD)
       Stand by letter of credit (SBLC)
       Medium term notes (MTN’s)
       Treasury Bills (T — B)
       Documentary letter of credit (DLC, SLC, LC)
       Promissory Notes (PN)
       Bank Drafts (BD)
      Bongyan Finance Limited is among the top 5 bank instrument providers in the world. Contact us if you want to know the list of all the genuine bank instrument providers in the world and we will be glad to share that confidential and classified information with you.

      Instrument: BG (Bank Guarantee) Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), cash-backed,
       Total Face Value: Eur/USD 2 Million (Min) to Eur/USD 5B (Max)
       Issuing Bank: HSBC Hong Kong, Barclays Bank London, Deutsch Bank AG, Frankfurt or any AA Rated Bank.

       Term / Age: One (1) Year and One (1) day, Fresh Cut
       Invoice Price: 45% Net and 47% Gross of the face value of each BG/SBLC to the Seller, including 2% consultancy fees as per IMFPA.
       Consultation Fee: In total of 2%, which is to be split and paid to the consultants as follows:
      1% to …(Seller’s Mandate).., paid by the Seller/Payer-1
      1% to ………………………, paid by the Buyer/Payer-2 7. Delivery of instrument: Bank-To-Bank by SWIFT MT-760, as per the Schedule of Delivery of Buy-Sell Agreement
      Payment for instruments: By SWIFT MT-103 wire transfer
       Original Hard Copy: By bonded courier to Buyer’s designated Depository Bank within Seven (7) bank working days after receipt of BG/SBLC(s) settlement payment by SWIFT MT-103 into the Seller’s account.
      Bongyan Finance Limited is a genuine bank instrument provider, standby letter of credit provider, top letters of credit providers, sblc provider, lease bank instrument providers, real bank guarantee provider, lease bank guarantee provider, providers leased bank guarantees, international bank guarantee providers, Real BG/SBLC Providers worldwide, genuine letter of credit providers, lease standby letter of credit (SBLC).

      Uses of Bank Instruments for potential holders or beneficiary
      (A) Bank instruments vary in scope and purpose with each bank instrument serving a specific purpose. Bank instruments are very important in international trades, trade finance, important and export transactions and they are widely used by businesses, contractors, importers as well as exporters.
      (B) Some financial instruments will act as Collateral or credit enhancement to shore up financial statements and profile.
      © Some bank instruments like letters of credit help to facilitate international trade between companies that don’t know each other and have different laws and regulations.
      (D) Proof of funds, bank guarantees, letters of credit; to facilitate, secure or execute projects, trade and business transactions.
      (E) A Bank Instrument like a Bank Guarantee (BG) allows the customer, or debtor, to acquire goods, purchase equipment or draw down a loan. A Bank Guarantee is a promise from a bank or other lending institution that if a particular borrower defaults on a loan, the
      bank will cover the loss. Note that a bank guarantee is not the same as a letter of credit.
      Bank Instruments & Genuine Bank Instrument Provider.

      Skype ID: ladan3325
      Website: https://bongyanfinancelimited.com
      Company Email: info@bongyanfinancelimited.com OR
    • By John Leonard
      I have a Chqse b@nk with $600M balance . I am looking for 5 rec@ivers who have  verified BPS Account (Bitpaysmart) to receive. This is urgent.  the sending shall be in less tranches for security purposes. Minimum per tranche is $500k . This is a rush update, Lets deal now!!!!

      Contact me on telegram @+1 (782) 858-9031 , WhatsApp https://wa.link/qvj1gs
    • By Blames jalapeños
      Have you been looking for bank to get a loan from? Send an email to. Global Business consultant Center.  gbconsultantcenter@gmail.com
    • By Agos Finanziaria S.p.A
      Are you tired of looking for loans and mortgages? Have you been consistently rejected by your Banks and other financial institutions? The good news is here!
      Agos Finanziaria S.p.A is an international corporate finance firm that have turned individuals and companies into financial giants. We provide working capital and financial advisory services to merchants, international corporations, family-owned businesses, and financial investors.
      We offer loan ranging from 20,000 Euros to 10,000.000.000 and more, Our Funding/Financing is not restricted to any geographical location or country, Simple Paperwork, Quick Approvals And Flexible Repayment Schedules.
      If achieving financial freedom is your goal, you are at the right place, kindly contact us with your details and a loan officer will be attached to you for advice and loan processing.
      We are now EMPLOYING BROKERS. If you know of any company with viable projects/proposals that needs financing, kindly send the Executive Summary or Business Plan for our evaluation, if it fits our criteria, you will hear from us within 24 hours. We pay referral fees on every successful transaction. We look forward to our Business acquaintance.
      Agos Finanziaria S.p.A
    • By Richard Sharma
      Do you need a quick long or short term Loan with a relatively low interest rate as low as 3%? We offer business Loan, personal Loan, home Loan, auto Loan,student Loan, debt consolidation Loan e.t.c. no matter your credit score.
      Personal Loans (Secure and Unsecured)
      Business Loans (Secure and Unsecured)
      Consolidation Loan and many more.
      Contact US for more information about Loan offer and we will solve your
      financial problem. contact us via email: muthooth.finance@gmail.com
      Phone number: +917428831341 (Call/Whats app)
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