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Looking for an ipip sender


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Our receivers are not chinese! 
server details are located in singapore

absolutely no chinese or any chinese involvement at all!

how many of you have succeeded working with chinese receivers? 
have they fullfill your senders demand? 
When your sender has uploaded how many times the so called chinese receiver has change the procedures? 

If your sender can accept as below procedures then we can proceed forward ! 

this is our ip-ip receiving procedure:
1. Sender Send the agreement with all his details
2. Receiver sign it and send it back to Sender 
3. The two parties put the agreement in There Banks 
4. Communication between Sender Bank Officer and Receiver Bank Officer by Mail and Phone call 
5. Sender Bank Officer issue swift MT199  to Receiver bank and send the swift copy to receiver Bank Officer by Mail.
6. Receiver BO issue swift  MT199 as confirmation that the Bank is ready to receive and Download the funds to Sender Bank and send the Swift copy to sender Bank Officer by Mail.
7. Sender BO upload the funds  and send black Screenshot  without final code to receiver BO 
8. Receiver BO localise funds and send confirmation of localise to Sender BO by Mail. 
9. Sender BO send all The original Screenshot with all code to receiver BO
10. Receiver BO Download the funds 
11. Receiver BO do the payment as descript in the agreement
Any sender who can do pls contact 
Non chinese receiver at all! 
my whatsapp is +852 5388 2407
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