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    • By Johnparham
      Are you a নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী and interested in having your account being setup to a payment processor to charge debit/credit cards with no daily limits,feel free to send a dm on whatsapp: +12092252163.  
    • By EthosZA
      We have a payment system that allows us to receive card transactions. Not huge amounts. Simple process. 2 - 3 day payouts in bitcoin only. 
      Ration is 70% sender and 30% for us. No chargebacks please. 
      DM if interested. 
    • By longterm
      We are around 25 ppl here , each can receive $5k we can cash out f2f in many countries within 2-3 hrs max....ratio 30/70
      and we have debit cards available to be loaded too
    • By Managed Buy-Sell
      Lender against all traded equities across most major Stock Exchanges with decades of capital market and private debt experience to provide financial solutions to institutions, corporations and UHNWI.
      © Attractive annual interest rate start as low as 3% to 7% and payable monthly or quarterly depending on the market or country.
      © Countries like Spain, Turkey, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia and etc.
      © Loan to Value (LTV) up to 65% of stock value.
      © Loan against securities to maximise your leverage.
      © Dividends and securities appreciation are credited to the Shareholder since the ownership of the underlying stock is retained by the borrower.
      © Loan minimum of USD 2 Million with no maximum.
      © Minimum loan term of 36 months up to a maximum of 60 months.
      © Shares must be unrestricted and in electronic status.
      © Transaction arrangement ranges from 15-30 days to funding.
      © One-time process fees subject to credit risk assessment and loan account setup will be discounted from loan quantum prior disbursement.
      © All opportunity assessment, pre-qualification and underwriting will be process in-house for prompt approvals, execution, and disbursement to ensure high success rate.
           Important Note: Not all clients is all jurisdictions may be supported.
          For additional information please feel free to contact us.
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