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The most important
For USD Hong Kong I am a representative.  90% of my main work.  You will find the information in the appendix.
TT wire procedure, euro first, ratio: 20/15, 35/30 and 40/35.
Contracts ready from 3B - 500T.  More and complete info in the document.
I will send the contract on request
2) Netherlands Euro provider
Procedure MT103, USD first, ratio 15/10
Euro provider successfully making exchange currency for many years.  USDPs often return for repeat business
I will send the contract on request.
USDP, Bangkok
Procedure MT103, ratio 20/15, euro first
DOA ready for 50 and 800B
I will send the contract on request
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Hello. I am Sumarno
My friend need USD Provider.
Please read and respon his question in bellow mssg:
Euro Vs USD Transaction

My euro provider urgently needs a USD provider for a currency swap transaction to the tune of 300b
The euro provider is Russian based and ready to deal as soon as we get a USD provider that agrees to the following terms 👇🏽

Pls help me with the following confirmations 👇🏽

1. Did USD p agree to use the Investment Agreement provided by the Euro provider?  Yes/No

2. Upon receipt of bank endorsed contract and  IMFPA from euro provider , Did USD p  agree to lodge same with his bank ? Yes/No

3. Did USD p agree to initiate communication by sending MT199 to euro bank ? Yes/No

4. Did USD p agree to give discount of 20/15% ( gross/net) to euro provider ? Yes/No

5. Did USD p  agree to move first upon satisfactory communication with euro bank? Conditional

6. Did USD p agree not to demand POF from euro p.? Fund Confirmation will be Via MT199

7. First tranche shall be 50m and subsequent tranches will be as agreed Yes/No

Please , kindly update me ASAP so we can move this deal forward.

Pls no long stories, just respond with answers to the questions when you PC me

For fee, I am with USD Provider

Best Regards
Whatsapp +6281210134480
email: sumarno.911@gmail.com

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