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Offer expired - BTC has been sold

Wera Wojcik

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Dear Sir/Madam

My client, the owner of a reputable Polish/European company from the IT industry want to sell 350 BTC at a time or in tranches of 50 BTC each.
Discount for the buyer and commission for the  inmediater negotiable.

Payment for 350 BTC against invoice proforma.
The buyer moves first and pays in advance by unconditional  direct bank wire transfer (these rules apply to BTC trading of market OTC, because the Bitcoin network will not cancel the transaction after confirmation).

Preferred direct buyers who know the rules of BTC trading outside platforms and exchanges (only market OTC).

We work with intermediaries if they have a specific offer to buy BTC and a buyer ready for the transaction (you don't have a buyer - don't write - let's respect our time).

We provide a professional fast service and look forward to doing business with you.

We do not sell BTC via mobile phone and WhatsApp messenger !
Contact me only via email:


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