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Jerry Rowan

Loans Available for business/company owners only Whtsp +447377503447

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Fast, reliable and safe cash loan offer for you today at just 1% interest rate, both long and short term cash of all amounts and currencies with no collateral required. We give out from a minimum range of $2 millions to a maximum of $90 millions.
We are certified and your privacy is 100% safe with us Apply now for your instant approval and transfer approval process takes just 3 hours.

For details Whatsap   +447377503447

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Posted (edited)

Hello Mr. Jerry

My name is Louis Sunny, I am looking for a long term loan to expand my ICT business. I deal on computer sales and repairs, CCTV installation, fire alarm system and smart home automation. 

Edited by Louis Ofana

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    • By JAI KUMAR
      Every one. 
      We do finance project.. Any kind of project.for project finance you must do equity deposit of 20 to 25% ..and we will do 100% finance.. Rate of interest will. Be depend on your project summery. 
      Thanks and Regards 
    • By Zhao Dequan
      1.    Provider and Receiver execute, sign and initiate the Deed of Agreement with Registration Certificate copy, and authorized signatory passport copy, which thereby automatically becomes a full commercial recourse contract agreement. Both parties lodge this signed Deed of Agreement with respective banks.
      Within three (3) banking days after the Bearer receives the Countersigned Contract Agreement, Irrevocable Corporate Refund Undertaking, Invoice for Payment of the Bank Fees as well as the BG/SBLC Approved Application from the Lender, the Bearer will make payment by direct wire transfer into the Lender’s provided bank cordinates to receive the bank fees, the of the Bank Transmission, Administrative and Handling charges for the Pre-Advice via Swift MT799 or BG/SBLC/DLC/LC via Swift MT700 or MT760
      2.    Within Three (03) banking days on receipt, Provider’s issuing bank will send RWA (Ready Willing and Able) via swift MT199 (Annex A) to Receiver’s receiving bank.
      3.    Within three (03) banking days after verification of the Issuing Bank’s SWIFT MT199 RWA. Receiver’s receiving bank will reply his RWA (Annex via SWIFT MT-199.
      4.    After verification of Receiver’s receiving bank SWIFT MT199 RWA reply, Provider’s Issuing Bank issues SWIFT MT799 Pre-Advice (Annex C) to Receiver’s receiving bank.
      5.    After verification of Issuing Bank’s SWIFT MT799 Pre-Advice, Receiver’s receiving bank will issue Bank Payment Undertaking (BPU) via SWIFT MT799 (Annex D) to Provider’s designated bank.
      6.    After verification of Receiver’s receiving bank’s SWIFT MT799 Bank Payment Undertaking (BPU), Provider’s Issuing Bank will issue the SBLC via SWIFT MT760 (Annex E) to Receiver’s receiving bank.
      7.    After receiving and verifying the SBLC MT760 (ICC600 or latest version), Receiver’s receiving bank will release Unconditional Wire Transfer MT103 {Bank to Bank Swift} within Three(3) Banking days for the Sale cost of 45% to the Provider and simultaneously pays 2% commission to all consultants/intermediaries as per the IMFPA.
      8.    After receipt of full payment, Provider’s Issuing Bank will deliver the hard copy of the SBLC to Receiver’s receiving bank via bank bonded courier in Seven (07) banking days.
      9.    Transaction is to continue as per agreed tranche schedule at mutual consent via SBLC MT760 directly.
      NOTE: Should RECEIVER default to make his due payments to the PROVIDER and commission fees to the intermediaries as per the Deed of Agreement, PROVIDER will instruct the Issuing Bank to submit a claim on the SBLC thereby forcing RECEIVER's Bank to return the SBLC by SWIFT MT760 to the Issuing Bank.
    • By Inquiry jmfinance
      I am direct to a provider who has recently issued banking instruments for a couple of my clients the provider is 100% check-able you can do your due diligence on them. I personally know the provider.
      Our instruments are only from triple 'a' rated banks and we issue from $1M to $5B . The provider is 100% verifiable. If you are genuinely seeking bank instruments. Contact me and i will furnish you with details.
      They deal with issuing of instruments such as Bank Guarantee and Standby letters of credit also Letters of credit. I only want serious buyers then i will put you in touch with the provider directly.
      - Bank Guarantee (BG)
      - Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)
      - Direct Line of Credit (DLC)
      - Medium Term Note (MTN)
      - Letter of Credit (LC)
      I will be glad to share with you our working procedures.
      Contact : Elvis Robert
      Email: inquiry.jmfinance@gmail.com
      WHATSAPP NO : +1(909)375-0798
    • By ksbgpaymentspltd
      Are you seeking a project funder as well as financial lender? We have BG/SBLC specifically for BUY/LEASE at a leasing price of 4% + 2% of face value Issuance by HSBC London and many other 25 top AA rated Bank in Europe, Middle East or USA. We also secure funding. 
      Also We are into the provision of short term and long term business/personal loans for both small and large scale business funds.
      We conduct DD to verify source, Lessee or buyer. Our company works to the highest ethical professional standards. We operate through a network of business and professional financial associates located in several countries of the world, including to 5-100 banks. 
      We treat our clients with integrity.
      Contact Name: James White
      Contact Email: ksbgpaymentspltd@yahoo.com
      Skype: info@ksbgpaymentspartnerltd.com
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