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    • By Bakr Dan
      Invest in real estate 
    • By Risk Allocation and Money Management
      RAMM (Risk Allocation & Money Management) – an investment service that allows you to earn income in the financial markets by following the strategies of experienced traders and copying their trades. Professional traders, in their turn, profit by earning commission from using Strategies. 
      The service is suitable both for experienced investors and for those just starting to make their first profits in the financial markets. You don’t need to have any special knowledge or training – the RAMM platform allows you to earn in financial markets without having to become an expert in trading.
      RAMM provides unlimited opportunities for experienced traders, who can earn commission by allowing investors from all over the world to copy their strategies.
      #Risk Allocation & Money Management | Flickr group
    • By Mike S
      Fast loans for existing businesses, partnership and investment. We buy cash buy or offshore transactions.
      Contact us for your needs and get your cash asap with just a small interest rate.
      If you're not into real deals please d respect yourselves and do not contact me.
      Thank you for understanding.
      Call/whatsapp; +44  773 704 2769
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      Please we are in need of a company or individual accounts with a good limit for Wire TRANSACTION with a paymaster account for a HUGE transaction,
      Company accounts with big limit 
      Brokers not needed.
      Dormant account ... if you think we can make this  
      And if you can’t participate in this deals don’t bother sending me a message 
      I don’t work with a proxy 
      Kindly direct your message
      Contact me here in WhatsApp +1(773)7543156)
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      Opportunity to work from home. If you are a telegram user you can start earning up to $8,000.00 worth of Bitcoin in 24 hours of trading  join this lovely and kind trader and start earning Bitcoin I promise you you are going to benefit from this platform.. if you don't have telegram app download it from play store and join the team
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