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Direct receiver in Turkey available!


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    • By halil sahan
      We have a seller direct contact with me.
    • By jobest
      I have Забаронены змест for wire transfer deals and I am direct to these Забаронены змест. 
      If you need নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী accounts in these countries, message me details of your deal . 
      Cambodia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Thailand, Australia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Sweden, USA, Portugal, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Slovakia, Netherlands, Morocco, Switzerland, Poland. 
      If you have any [banned words removed] for wire transfer deals , (no scammers and no upfront payment or online access), message me details of your deal , email: odyda055@gmail.com
      If everything ok, then we will continue talking on WhatsApp. 
    • By Al Hamid Muhammad
      Do transfers on your own with simple steps REAL TIME
      go to the below link for more info
      Al Hamid
    • By Ibrahim2
      I have my corporate account in Bank of communication Hong Kong to receive GPI automatic, cash wire, tt direct transfer. Anyone willing to cooperate to get real deal done transparently, clean clear DM me on Whatsapp +992883885115
    • By Adbirt Virt
      Hi , we receive cash directly from your location in any country allover the world and deliver instantly the cash in a foreign exchange office instantly in any country .
      so how it work ?
      1:- we organize a specific time in which the both parties are ready and the amount will be able to send . 
      2:- we will send you a representative to your company to receive cash at the same time you will send a representative to a famous foreign exchange office in the receiving country .
      3:- we receive the funds you receive at the same time .
      4:- fees 20% 
      you can also go to a specific foreign exchange in the sending country and send  at the same moment you will receive in a foreign exchange office in the receiving country , the fees in this case is 15%
      Whatsapp +201098742212
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