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Visa net receiver available


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    • By Stanley Lee
      I need VISA. NET নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী. And have ICA IAT code company account, remittance 8 billion euros!
      Only partners who speak directly to the account signatory are accepted,Otherwise don't bother, thank you.
      It is required to provide account video after signing the contract to confirm that the account signatory has known the existence of the business;
      Clearing ratio: 40(নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী)+5/50+5 ([banned words removed])
      Sending Bank: Bank in Europe
      Receiving Account: Europe First Or Australia;
    • By Jackysutty
      Halo ...Everyone we are looking for real  received account if have  any mandate can directly just pm me ,because we have funding need put inside to visa net account use the visa net card swipe into the online machine withdraw out the  money and We have on-site payers directly to payment...seriously people just pm me don’t waste my time and long chat ..
      1)Second if comfort everything we will directly booking airlines tickets and booking  hotels give to visanet own to travel now ,but own herself must have ready get the visa .. So all consumption is free
      4)all transaction must be F2F deal we will starting test transfer 50k Europe to receiver owner account if the  funds on less in 30 minutes -1 hours to be own account ,we will direct swipe inside the online machine and directly take cash of TT transfer money  
      5)visa net owner account volume Minimum amount must in 10m up to 500m
       Let me simplify our story :-
      1. Our loader (sender) is from Europe.
      2. We had few failed record deal due to long distance visa.net account cardholder (receiver) runaway with our funds. (We can load but didn't get our payout).
      3. Thus this round Euro loader and merchant is team up at China / Macau / Hong Kong. And we will sponsor visa.net account cardholder to fly in (plus accommodation) doing face to face deal with us.
      4. We load the visa.net account. Follow by swipe out with merchant or normal transfer. (Visa.net account cardholder commission can keep in the visa.net account. Thus is a sure payout for visa.net account owner)
      5. Repeat steps 4 til end of fund.
      6. Must be Europe visa.net account, uk is the best choice.
      7. Need video (don't mind new or old) and visa.net account cardholder cis to check with visa.net system. Before fly in visa.net account cardholder for test send at China / Macau / Hong Kong.
      8. Due to we just use Europe visa.net account cardholder as the tranfer platform. Payout to card owner is just between 10% only. While loader and merchant will do all the rest.
      9. (5% commission for the facilitator split AB.)
      if have any received or directly received pm me of add me WhatsApp number +60107719967
      This is a question all of us people ask.form visanet serder 
      Question : receiver ask for sender CIS ?
      Answer:we don’t send out any sender side flying to internet and the world 
      Question: Receiver will ask sender proof of funds?
      Question: receiver will asked sender documentary proof?
      Answer : we will provide sender relevant 
      document only on face to face meet. Not passing thru the internet as this will trigger massive wide spread on the internet. As we will sponsor qualified visa.net account cardholder to fly over for face to face meets.  
      Question : receiver will asked Any proof of past success?
      Answer : Yes provided your account cardholder is visa.net IAT & ICA registered in the internet banking system. Since the test send also not a problem for everybody to say. 
      Question: receiver asked why the owner only take back 10% ? our market prices normally is 30%-35%-40%-45%?
      Answer: do you have cash out merchant in China / Hong Kong / Macau ? if got then the % could be higher to visa.net account cardholder and merchant. 10% x 1b = 100m please ask visa.net account cardholder is that a small amount for them o just loan out an visa.net account only. As our side we doing the fund-in & cash-out, plus all others backend operation and arrangement.
      Question: received will asked If the funds are clean, why not operate according to normal procedures ?
      Answer: This is fund transfer from Europe to Asia and is a clean fund, as all money can go into visa.net is proven is a CASH in the banking system and it’s a clean fund, as this is a normal exercise on transfer of fund, not bank upload download S2S, KTT, IPIP, IPID that kind of hacked fund exercise.
      And this question is serder and for visanet received question?
      For  visa.net account cardholder 
      1.    Ok to travel to Hong Kong or Macau for face to face deal ? we can take care the bills of transportation & accommodation.
      2.    Your visa.net account is from Where country Europe  ?
      3.    How much is the daily fund load in limit ?
      4.    How much is the daily fund swipe out / transfer out limit ? 
      5.    Is your account global enable usage ?
      6.    Is your card global enable with unlimited swipe ?
      7.    Is your IAT code enable for visa.net transaction usage ? As this is very crucial**
      8.    Can we have the video (won’t mind its old) showing usage on visa.net webside login, and IAT can be seen on the webside too ?
      9.    Can we do face to face test send ?
      10.    What is visa.net account cardholder charges be ? As the loader and merchant we cover it.
    • By Lucky CHEN
      Good afternoon everyone This is Lucky CHEN from Cambodia, if anyone who wishes to do transaction as the following in Cambodia please contact WhatApp +855 93 998 111 or joint in this community
    • By pops anderson
      cash transfer mt103/202,visa net,alliance lite 2 ,ipip & DTC
      receivers who `s below banks are 
      HSBC & BARCLAYS in the U.K.
      note: cis will only issued to sender or mandate no brokers,period!!!
    • By Robert Taylor
      I have receiver of dB Germany with Visa card link and also with other  card but need direct loader.
      secondly we need direct sender of dtc and visa net should contact me via email . Anyone with pos offline or online one step pre authorisation 6 digits complete should also contact me on below email I’d:rt22878@gmail.com
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