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NEW 100% Funding Program - Bank-to-Bank

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NEW 100% Funding Program for those with Access to Bank-to-Bank Verifiable Proof of Funds (POF) of $12M USD or more

POF Money is NEVER Touched, Moved nor Encumbered

                                           NEW 100% Funding Program - Bank-to-Bank

                                        Verification of POF required - NO UPFRONT FEES



We are arranging 100% financing based on Bank-Verifiable Proof of Funds (POF) for $12M USD minimum

  • This will require bank-to-bank verification
  • POF Money does not leave the account nor get encumbered nor have a hold placed on it
  • POF may belong to another party
  • Client may return for additional tranches as needed

Based on a $12M USD POF the client can expect to receive approximately a $100M non-recourse loan in 60 days

This is a general guideline and exact details, procedures and amounts will be provided after the client has provided proof of funds (see below).

To start the process:


1) A bank statement :

  • Minimum balance $12M USD
  • No more than 3 banking days old
  • The funds may belong to another party, but we will need access to the POF holder to confirm their willingness to provide the POF and ability to arrange Bank-to-Bank verification

2) Information about client's project requiring the funding, including:

  • Amount needed
  • Business plan/description of the use of loan funds

3) After initial review, we may require POF holder's banker to sign the bank statement verifying this is a true and valid copy of the bank statement

4) Once all required documents have been receive we will arrange a conference call with the client to go over the program and answer any questions they have

5) Later, the POF holder will need to assist in arranging Bank-to-Bank confirmation of the proof of funds

If Funding is not required, we are able to pay a generous Interest Payment to the POF holder for use of the POF.

Brokers are Generously Compensated

Email: ebenwuaku@yahoo.co.uk

 to start the process. We will reply back within 3 business days of receiving POF and Information about the client's project. No response will be sent if full package is not received.

Thank you! We look forward to receiving your funding request.

Do you know someone else who is looking for funding like this? 

We pay GREAT referral fees!

Visit our website:www.vpconsultgh.org

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