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2d gateway available

Puneet Kashyap

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On 7/10/2020 at 9:56 AM, Puneet Kashyap said:

I can receive cash transfer
Cash app

I hv gateways
2d gateway
3d gateway
Virtual Terminal
E cheque ach gateway 

I am a sender and i need 2D gateway for transactions. contact me on sukantmandal969@gmail.com

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    • By Mitchell
      Bank  3D Gateway Available.
      Payout Time 24hrs.
      Payout Ratio 60%
      Daily Limit $500k.
      Payout in BTC/USDT/WU
      Recent payout prove available for anyone who cares for.
      I want long time business with only serious Чувствително съдържание.
      Whatsapp: +2349032718327
      Telegram: @dikejiaku or search using the above phone number.
    • By Cash Winner
      im Direct with [banned word removed]. 
      2d gateway/website available
      only direct s-ender/mandate  need
      Minimum 1000$
      Ratio- 30%
      payout- 72h 
      Come Whatsapp +19293725692 
    • By christopher manojkumar
      Dear Friends,
      Looking for genuine Say end der for the 2D and 3D links, genuine person available, please contact me on chrismanojk@gmail.com, no scammers or time wasters please,
    • By christopher manojkumar
      Hi Friends,
      I been working for long time with my নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী and he is genuine for the payment, would like to inform you we do the deal very genuine there is no scam or fake, if you serious with a real deal please contact me ASAP, mail me to chrismanojk@gmail.com, please time waster please dont contact me,
    • By Jean Zongo
      We are looking for real Unpassender Inhalt for  3D donation gateway.
      We are only interested for Data without charge back. We don't accept stolen cards please.
      We need a real and genuine Gidili nga Sulud/Unpassender Inhalt for long term partnership.
      Please contact  me privately by WhatsApp at+1 (240) 273-0819
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