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TREND|Africa Group (digital Business Solutions) Design and Promotion


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At TREND|Africa Group we offer the most affordable and innovative digital Business Solutions that will put your business on the map! Make sure the market out there know about the services you offer. We help your business to present itself by giving a favourable impression as well as cutting edge image of your enterprise.


? Logo Design (+ Free Letterhead) $4 for 4 concepts
? Business Card Design (Printing Inclusive per 100) $10 for two concepts
? Receipt Books & Quotation Booklets $10
? Flyers $5 Design (Printing costs vary with size)
? Posters $6 Design
(Printing costs vary with size) 
? Catalogues/Brochures $10 Design
? Restaurant Menus $8 Design
? Pamphlets $6 Design
We also give a platform for promotional activity and help you to advertise your products or services:

TREND|Net Global

⭐ We undertake the role of content production to keep your social media presence online continuously updated. Our Charges are As Follows:

?Facebook Package

Facebook page creation, Personalized URL, Facebook Budget $1/week during campaign periods, thread advertising in over 200 facebook groups

$1 for 7 days, 
$3 for 30 days,  
$5 for 60 days and
$10 for 120 days 

?Whatsapp Package

WhatsApp media creation, Personalized threads, WhatsApp Budget $1/week during campaign periods, thread advertising in over 20 WhatsApp groups for Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare, and Gweru

$1 for 7 days,  
$3 for 30 days,
$5 for 60 days and
$7 for 120days 

? Twitter Package

Twitter Account creation, Personalized URL and @BusinessName,Twitter Budget $1/week during campaign periods, thread advertising in over 10 different accounts with over 7000  followers in total.

$1.50 for 14 days
$6 for 60 days
$12 for 120 days and
$18 for 240 days

To Advertise With Us
Get in touch on

+263 773 162 984 (WhatsApp) ?

Online@TrendAfrica.co.zw (Email) ?

Also Remember to follow us on our Facebook Page:
TREND|Africa Group www.fb.com/TRENDAfricaGroup 

Twitter @TRENDAfrica

Website www.TrendAfrica.co.zw

TREND|Africa is A Division of Riverside Africa Holdings,  "Investing in a Digital Future"

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