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I can receive cash USA/Middle east


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I have strong and old business accounts in USA can handle up to $ 5M in one transaction , we do it via bank to bank wiring ONLY or direct cash deposits for the lower amounts...we can deliver the sender's share in the Middle east region too......our cut is 50% and it takes around 7 business days.........contact me via smsm2021@yahoo.com for any SERIOUS inquiries

متوفر عندي حساب بنكي لشركة في امريكا

50% للمرسل

وامكانية التوصيل في دولة عربية

للتواصل ايميل


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adding some more info
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      Send me a message if you have very aged bank account in USA to email check of $70,000 100% to be cashed at atm. Note fully live and active checks no upfront. 
      ACH for $100,000 also direct Zakázaný obsah only. No upfront 
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      Money Will be transfered from Barclays and Commerz bank 
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