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    • By Manisensi
      ICICI 2nd Channel Account available. Only Direct Credit (No Server Download)
      For Local (India to India) 2nd Channel Transfer
      18 digits alphanumeric.
      E-mail: manisensi@yandex.com
    • By Gaurav
      Urgently receiver needed in Chennai with ICICI 18 digits bank account
      For Face to Face deal
      Contact me on
    • By SujaySrivatsaIND
      Indian Parking chest account is available for trading .. with 7 billion USD amount on Bullet Payment after agreement basis.
      Chest individual account
      Volume 7 billion USD
      ICICI bank
      Payout to NGO account
      Ready for window fund confirmation in bank to company or Company authorized person or representative.
      Any type of program 40week 60week any
      Work location is in Jharkhand India
      Indian property open non agriculture land available for trading 400 million USD value . Looking for genuine trading company who can do genuine work on bullet payment basis after agreement.
      Proper is in Andhra, India
      Ready for NOC by owner to get SKR
      Value 400 million USD
      Bullet payment after agreement
      Ready for any weeks program or years 
      Direct meeting with owner and same time confirmation 
      Only people who really knows trading company can contact. Please don't waste your time and ours .  All here for money purpose all here to earn something by working on any job. 
      Before contacting .. please be sure of your company . Where is from , how many years old , registered in which stock exchange , who is the company authorized person or authorized partner in india. 
      Every trading company they have many office locations in every country ... Because their registed stock exchange will give or permit to work from the country under the stock exchange. 
      Don't waste your time is my suggestion and Don't waste my time is warning. 
      If you don't know the company or don't have try to learn or try to get access with some company but don't fake that is purely wasting your own time. Be professional and strong .  
      Work with genuine efforts and confidently ,god will help you in your success . 
    • By SujaySrivatsaIND
      Hi any one have direct genuine trading company .. then contact me . We have 7 billion usd  amount in the parking account icici bank india. Looking for trading company and bullet payment. We take in to trust all the fund on bullet payment as already we have RBI approval project of 15 Billion usd and can be extended. 
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