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USA Wells Fargo account available for

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USA based Corporation ready as receiver for U Turn work in Wells Fargo Bank for genuine work only.

:::::Accept all funds from anywhere

:::::Return amount to any country of sender choice

:::::Work is directly with account/corporation owner

:::::Bank to Bank Transfer/Wire Transfer, no online access provided

:::::Face to Face available if needed

No scammers, No purchased/hacked logs!!! 

* All conditions and guarantees are accepted.

* All requested genuine documents and CIS will be provided.

* Daily video and screen shots will be provided.

* This is a legitimate US corporation with a major bank account.

* We request for your own confidence to start with a very small amount. This will also show you the time it takes.

* Only when you are satisfied with the time and 100% trusting, we will move with the full amount.

* Note:-
Refund will be from another bank and for that you must give us enough time for the funds to be available.

Contact on WhatsApp +919113585845

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      USA credit union account is urgently needed for instant loading, USA account is also urgently needed please contact me on WhatsApp on +16195971284

      reflection is a must if the funds doesn't hit the account I pay you $500 for  time wasting.......
      contact me now for sure instant funding 
      credit cards is also needed for instant funding limit increase
      NOTE: online access is compulsory 
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      Corporate US OR ASIAN account loadings only - (fiscal reasons) - Funds originate from EU. Ratio is 55% to Receiver 45% to Sender. Upfront Terminal fee 9 000 USD equally split between introducer (us) & receiver. 
      1. We issue contract. 
      2. You sign contract, I issue invoice and you pay 4 500 USD before the end of the day (eventually by bitcoin) 
      3. We redirect the first tranche of 700 000 USD to your beneficiary account 
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      Email Erlhard57@gmail.com if the above terms are workable.
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