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    • By Amari stringfield
      Instamerchantpay is/has closed the withdrawal seal, therefore no withdrawal will be possibly made now henceforth as we are moving our services to a better and stable databse. Instamerchantpay will be anticipated and monitored together with the Instawalletpay. On or before October the Instawalletpay shall integrate fully with the instamerchantpay. Your balances will automatically be moved to the instawallet pay account after your application, if you've made payment for a card if you can present a proof of your transaction for card activation your card will be activated instantly if you haven't you'll have to pay for your card to be activated.
      You will further be contacted with informations and instructions as to avoid been defrauded do not make any payments in claims of withdrawal as withdrawal on instamerchantpay is been integrated to Instawalletpay
      This was the message I got on my mail for instamerchantpay
      Guys don't send any imp to anyone no body can withdraw until on or before October they said
      you can text me on WhatsApp +16195971284 to explain more don’t fall a victim keep your money very soon you be able to withdraw 
    • By Tech SAM
      Need International Global Pay RECIVER
      😬Only Genuine Receiver Needed For Longterm Business.😬
      Scammer Stay Away....😒
      Note:-Only International Global Pay Available.Dont Come If You Dont Know.
    • By Johny
      We have IGP, IMP, SGP receiver
      (Insta Global Pay, Insta Merchant Pay, Swift Global Pay)
      * No f2f
      *Payout in BTC only
      *Payment in 48hrs to 96hrs
      *Payment ratio 50% to sender side (mandate ,mediators included)
      * 1st tranche min 50k
      **Above terms are not negotiable
      👉If you can't accept above terms then plz don't contact
      Whatsapp +9184488 74081
    • By gh124333
      Need card copy email address current date screenshot of account statement. Direct receiver PM for details. 
      Thank you
    • By Amari stringfield
      Swift global pay and instant merchant pay available Pay out in btc 3 to 6 hours max 
      contact me on WhatsApp on +16195971284
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