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    • By Pawan Singh
      2D, 3D and Paypal Business Sender/Loader required urgent with good share ratio. 
      Whatsapp: +91-8210827279
    • By Rizwan ali
      Pure 2d gateway available without otp accept all countries data like south africa,nigeria,usa,uk,uae,japan,hongkong,australia,canada,india this country's data work without otp accept if you any people have serious loader or sender then contact me
      Total 35% return
      Payout time within 24 hours 
      Payment mode Bank rtgs, PayPal, btc, wallet transfer 
      Contact me ra5419822@gmail.com
    • By Pawan Singh
      Dear Friends,
      We are receiver of 2D, 3D, POS, Paypal, Payoneer with good share ratio. Payout in Bank Account, Wire Transfer, BTC wallet.
      For details contact me +91-8210827279
    • By stella parker
      2D gateway without otp accept all countries data
      Unlimited work link no server problem no otp required all countries data accept like usa,uae,uk,south africa,nigeria russia,hongkong and 135+ country accept try to little amount and share paying & email notification screenshoot and we will work together return your all amount on sincerely if you any people have serious loader or sender then contact me
    • By Camato
      Finally I am ready with 2D link. My receiving limit is 20000 USD per day. Let’s have fair f2f deal.
      Ratio 60 40
      60 receiver, 40 sender.
      Spot payment via rtgs or btc
      whatsapp me: https://wa.me/message/35FNL4KPC52DM1
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