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      IMP - Insta Merchant Pay receiver available 
      Contact us on: igpbankingreceivers@gmail.com 
    • By Stanley Chinedu
      🤩 Contact me if the want to pull out your money from your International Global pay account 
      Contact me +2349035363717 
    • By Andrea
      At first I thought it was the usual scam with IGP, SGP and the others taking btc from people for a ride. Don't blame me. I have lost a lot of money with receivers. A LOT OF MONEY. Both mine and other senders too.
      Someone referred me to their site: https://instantglobalexchange.com/
      I was reluctant because there was no phone number, no address, just email. Added to that, they required a membership fee.  Hahaha... I was like, ok, here we go again!
      On second thoughts, I had some free btc and so I just decided to take a leap. Guys, I paid the membership fee and sent a trial fund of $50,000 International Global Pay.
      What happened next is unbelievable!
      They refunded the $50k in less than 20 minutes for sending less than their minimum transaction amount. 
      OK, I was truly shocked.  None of the receivers had ever sent back my funds for any reason. 
      NOT EVEN ONE!!
      This was surprising. Maybe this is different. 
      Hmm. So I sent their minimum transaction amount, and they gave me a confirmation which I didn't even ask for. Next, they helped me open an account where my fund will be credited. I got the login details. And like magic, in less than 24 hours, I checked and saw the money in the account.
      I thought, this must be a dream. Guys, it was a dream until I made a transfer to my sisters Maybank account in Malaysia. I didn't even tell her I was sending any money. Next thing is that my sister called me wondering how a huge amount was in her account with my name as the sender. What is happening????
      That's when I knew it wasn't a dream. 
      I have done 5 transfers after that, and the recipients have ALL received the money. 
      Couldn't keep this to myself. I don't know how Instant Global Exchange does it. But they deliver. And they are even new.
      Maybe they offload the funds to some other people that don't know what's going on. Or maybe because I'm a lady? Or maybe some other reasons?
      I just don't know, and I don't care. What matters is that I got my money back.
      Did I mention that the customer service is wonderful? Even my own local bank hasn't been that supportive.
      Whoever you are behind Instant Global Exchange, https://instantglobalexchange.com/ here is my appreciation,
    • By Robbin Hoods
      International global pay scammed 1 bitcoin. And 2M$ too
      they are cheaters, liers and most greedy people on the earth. I emailed them many times but no response after sending bitcoin to their blockchain address.
      Does anyone have their physical address? I would like to take action against them. Please email me if anyone got scammed like me. 

      Complaint has already been registered in my Local police station. And now it’s moved to Cybercrime department. We have submitted All the proofs. Just waiting for the results. 
      To take effective action, we need to submit more such cases. Please mail me if you too got busted by them. 
      my email I’d: hoodsrobin498@gmail.com
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