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BROBUSINESS: Whitecorn, Soybean, Wheat, Vegetables oils... from Ecuador South América


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A internacional trading and brokerage company from Ecuador South América

We deal in some commodities  like

▫ Yellow corn
▫ Whitecorn 
▫ Soybean
▫ Wheat 
▫Vegetables oils
▫ Sugar 
▫ Flour (Any kind)
▫ Fruits  and Vegetables 
▫ Meat, Buffalo 
▫ Chicken 
▫ Seafood
▫Red bull , Coca Cola,Heineken, Wine
▫ Cement 

Kindly send your enquiry with LOI  to: comercializacion@brobusiness.ec or contact me by pm to provide you with the best price according to your needs.

Thank you

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Dear Sir/Madam


We are an international firm based in Iran with subsidiary Company in Valencia,Spain.

We are supplier of chicken feet and paw from Iran.

We have been exporting feet and paw from Iran since 10 years ago.

Our capacity per mount is 6 to 7 containers, we are able to provide you the highest quality at Haiphong or Hong Kong port.

We are ready to invite you to travel to our city to pay a visit to our facilities in person.

We look forward to hearing from you at the earliest convenience.


Best regards,


Masoud Mohsenzadeh

Area manager

Elina tejarat kavir




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