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Premium features and Leadership
Community membership and commercial topics\messages are totally free. 
- COMMUNITY REPUTATION: For the purchase of any premium services the community accrues profile reputation of the paid member at a rate of 100% from cost of a premium tariff. Is a ticket to the Leaderboard.


List of premium services:
Cost of services excluding provider fees for money transfer.

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International Trade Messages | Topic Publications | Business Conversations Forum | Multinational Economic Content Network | Global Profiles Platform | ONEPLANET Activity Discussions | Corporations Lists | Leader Members | Industrial Articles Database | Publics Media Feed | Cross-Border Posts System | World Groups Conference | Online Ecosystem of Recommended Chats

CR +0 to Member's total reputation

This is a free and basic access to our community, which any user receives at registration. Members can freely work and communicate on the board, but also engage in commercial activities.


Main features and limitations:

Group Name: Members

Group Icon: No
Can use signatures?: No
Can upload attachments?: No
Maximum profile photo storage size: 50 kB
Can upload a cover photo?: No
Conversations allowed to start per day: 0
Maximum recipients per conversation: 5
Can upload attachments in messages?: No
Can create albums?: No
Can create private albums?: No
Can create restricted access albums?: No
Can upload movies?: No

Can use tags?: Yes

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Leaders$ - $60 fee for 349 days.
CR +60 to Member's total reputation

Leader is a premium member group with extended account features:
+ Positive COMMUNITY REPUTATION and trust level. Most reputation and Top Member at the Leaderboard.
+ Ability to design own Profile$: upload animated GIF or high resolution avatar (Profile Photo) and Cover Photo.
Item prefix for topic - selection of the main tag.
+ Can upload files to Gallery$ | Downloads$ | Calendar$ | Clubs$.
+ Can create clubs: Private and Read Only. Maximum number of clubs allowed to create: 5. Allowed content areas in clubs: Forums, Gallery Categories, Downloads Categories, Calendars.
+ Group Name: Leaders
+ Group Icon: Leaders-Earth-23x23-3.gif
Highlight replies (all replies by members of this group will show in a different color).
+ Can hide and delete own content.
+ Can lock and unlock own content.
Maximum recipients per conversation: 20
+ Leaders Block on the mainpage.





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Recommend Post? - $20 for 72 days for one message.
CR +20 to Member's total reputation

Premium feature for the members, who wants to be on the top of any relevant global topic.

+ Recommended Post will become framed and fixed at the top of each page of the topic - as the topic leader. Can recommend multiple posts in same topic or several topics.
Our Picks board. Top content from across the community. Upload new images? (You may upload a maximum of 10 files). 
+ Share to Facebook and Twitter.
+ Presence in the community e-mailing section: You might also be interested in...
+ Move topic to Recommended forum.
+ Share to Topic Groups.


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Share on other sites 10 - $10 to share on 10 social profiles of the community.
CR +10 to Member's total reputation

Share on other sites 33 - $20 to share on 33 social profiles of the community.
CR +20 to Member's total reputation

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Cross-Channel Marketing?$10 for one message in one channel.
CR +10 to Member's total reputation

Do you want to increase coverage and expand your area of influence? The community will select appropriate social channels and groups for your proposal with its active audience to post your message there. All you need to know is who your core audience are.

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    • By O9C4.COM
      CR +100% for Premium
      Community members can obtain and increase reputation points by purchasing any premium extensions. The number of reputation points received is 100% of the cost of premium service. After payment, Administrator enables new possibilities for member and add positive points to profile reputation.
      Proposed community reputation system eliminates development of hostile environment in nepotism and inadequate assessment of participants. In this situation, all have equal rights and opportunities. The greatest reputation will have those forum members who actively use premium services of the site. Investing in your reputation, you invest in the Global Trading Community, improve world economy, confirms solvency and serious intentions.
      In our community, the reputation can only be positive - we have removed a negative value.
      No one but the administration can't manage reputation.
      Join the discussion and development of the community reputation system (COMMUNITY REPUTATION).
    • By O9C4.COM
      We have the community rule - to buy premium services for annual: members group, pin.
      Let's discuss about to allow daily period, from up to 1 year, but not less than 30 days? The cost of services will be calculated from the number of days.
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      Profile interface is very effective workplace for global communication, trade, feedback and business promotion.
      Members can manage their whole business empire in one window with the following features: edit profile, activity, contacts, navigation, community reputation.
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