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Premium features and Leadership
Community membership and commercial topics\messages are totally free. 
- COMMUNITY REPUTATION: For the purchase of any premium services the community accrues profile reputation of the paid member at a rate of 100% from cost of a premium tariff. Is a ticket to the Leaderboard.


Payment and cost factor:
+ 0% VISA, MasterCard, Western Union (and other private money transfers).
+ 10% electronic monetary systems (Digital currency).
+100% wire transfer, bank transfer or credit transfer to company account.

List of premium services:

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Economic Security: 50% | 50% of profit on investment or savings account
CR +100% temporary of the guarantee size, while the deposit on Profile's account.
CR +100% constant of received bonus to the community after the guarantee return.

Members who intend to run commercial activities on the forum, can place deposit to its profile's account. This is one of the highest security validation measures and will be displayed amount of deposit in Rank menu.

Thus, a member who provides trade or service commercial offers, or acts as a guarantor (the organizer of global collective projects), now closes the risks with an Economic Security, and also demonstrates to clients their solvency and serious intentions.

Economic Security is a premium community option and therefore requires maintenance and appropriate energy costs from the administration. To keep money on deposit, the community administration offers a profitable settlement system for this option - an investment or savings account. The user of this service can offer an advantageous option for placing a deposit or choose from what is available. When there is a refund request for the amount of Economic Security , we will divide the received passive income equally, and also, the burden of commissions for money transfers and servicing. Thanks to this strategy, the Economic Security becomes a profitable investment in expanding your business and passive income.

  • Deposit is a refundable amount and member can issue refund at any time.



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pin.jpgPin $20 for 29 days for one Topic and raise 1 time.
CR +20 to Member's total reputation

Using a pin, you raise your topic on the top line and your pinned topic cannot be displaced by usual themes from competitors. The only other pins every time will be able to shift your theme one position down. Thus, you can always monitor the presence of your commercial themes on the first page of the forum (right section).

May raise the topic many times, repeatedly paying the fare.

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CR +0 to Member's total reputation

This is a free and basic access to our community, which any user receives at registration. Members can freely work and communicate on the board, but also engage in commercial activities.


Main features and limitations:

Group Name: Members

Group Icon: No
Can use signatures?: No
Can upload attachments?: No
Maximum profile photo storage size: 50 kB
Can upload a cover photo?: No
Conversations allowed to start per day: 0
Maximum recipients per conversation: 5
Can upload attachments in messages?: No
Can create albums?: No
Can create private albums?: No
Can create restricted access albums?: No
Can upload movies?: No

Can use tags?: Yes

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Leader - $140 fee for 349 days.
CR +140 to Member's total reputation

Leader is a premium member group with extended profile features:

  • Ability to design own Profile: install animated or high resolution avatar (Profile Photo), Can upload a cover photo.
  • Administrator promo support and recommendations to customers and members requests. Will support buyer to go throught transparent negotiations (group chat), and bring client to supplier.
  • Item prefix for topic - selection of the main tag.
  • Positive COMMUNITY REPUTATION and trust level.
  • Can upload attachments in messages.
  • The community will share Profile link & Introduction of the Leader member on its 60 global social channels with more than 592 relevant followers, including some exclusive features inside the channels: pin, admin promo, leaders section, external link, upload video, global analytics.
  • Start a Club. A leader can create his own community within the community, establish his own rules, policies and tariffs.
  • Topic Leader: Allowed to Add Message on the top of one Global Topic. Such topic will be moved to the Leaders forum, marked with a special label "Leaders" and Pin. Including CLICKS global analytics (REFERRERS | LOCATIONS) at the end of premium period.
  • Place on the Leaderboard.
  • Topic's Social Channels and Groups: If the leaders topic have its own social channel, the Leaders content will be on the best place there.
  • Gallery | Downloads | Calendar.

Exclusive Features:

  • Extra Topic for Leader - $20 for additional Leaders Global Topic Add Message.
    CR +20 to Member's total reputation 

Group Name: Leaders
Group Icon: cup-group-icon-transparent-gold.png
Can use signatures?: Yes
Can upload attachments?: Yes
Total maximum storage space: 200000 kB
Maximum storage space per item of content: 41327 kB

Can hide own content?: Yes
Can delete own content?: Yes
Maximum profile photo storage size: 10000 kB
Can upload a cover photo?: Yes
Maximum recipients per conversation: 20
Can upload attachments in messages?: Yes
Highlight replies (all replies by members of this group will show in a different color): Enabled

Can use tags?: Yes
Can use prefixes?: Yes
Can create albums?: Yes

Can create restricted access albums?: Yes






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Display Name Changes - $10 for 1 time.
CR +10 to Member's total reputation

Paid service, as it linked to premium features and requires the involvement of Administrator to check the member.

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Recommend Post - $60 for 198 days for one message.
CR +60 to Member's total reputation

Premium feature for the members, who wants to be on the top of any relevant global topic.

  • Recommended Post will become framed and fixed at the top of each page of the topic - as the topic leader.
  • The topic will appear with a green star (Featured) in community search list, as well as pro-moderation and more traffic.
  • Moderator Note (A short note about this content that will be shown to users): You can ask Administrator to add a short message to your RP (once before pin).
  • One time free Pin Topic for 29 days included.
  • Can recommend multiple posts in same topic or several topics.
  • The community will share recommended post link on its 10 random global social channels, as well as post the message on the best places in the relevant global topic group (if this is provided).


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Share on other sites 10 - $10 to share on 10 social profiles of the community.
CR +10 to Member's total reputation

Share on other sites 60 - $20 to share on 60 social profiles of the community.
CR +20 to Member's total reputation

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Cross-Channel Marketing - $10 for one message in one channel.
CR +10 to Member's total reputation

Do you want to increase coverage and expand your area of influence? The community will select appropriate social channels and groups for your proposal with its active audience to post your message there. All you need to know is who your core audience are.

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