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    • By Moyan
      Need sender Veem pay , 3d payment gateway and QR code sepa payment. Contact moyanmegan@gmail.com
    • By Johnparham
      My direct SBLC issuer is looking for a receiver with a bank line of credit.
      Both parties can cooperate. The issuing party sends MT760 to the receiving party's Bank, and the receiving party monetizes the MT760 after receiving it, and then both parties share the proportion.
      The issuing bank is the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation or Standard Chartered Bank of Hong Kong.
      Phase 1: US $10 Million / Euro
      Phase 2: US $50 Million / Euro
      Phase 3: US $100 Million / Euro
      Phase 4: US $500 Million / Euro
      Receiver with large credit lines can cooperate.
      Whatsapp: +12092252163 or mail to jonparham95@gmail.com
    • By Bartex
      I am the serious direct receiver (Citibank from Poland) :
      Wire Bank Transfer
      SWIFT (MT103) cash  bank wire  transfer 
      SEPA (SCT) - European bank transfer (Iban to Iban)
      I am the serious direct receiver without a network of  inmediateres spoiling every realy transaction.
      Send me offer, procedures and  draft DOA via email:
    • By longterm
      those 2 accounts , each can receive up to $12M ...........
    • By Flora Jo
      I am a direct IBAN to IBAN receiver in Europe.
      I am looking for a sender.
      Account limit 5M
      Contact me if you are a sender or got a sender at florajo598@gamil.com
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