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World receiverss and senders

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    • By onpos60
      WANTED .. USA Wells Fargo/ BOF/Citibank/CpitalOne for daily loading with full online accesses and passowrds 25/75
      NO OTP
      for loading jobs , each week around $1-4m...75/25.OTP must be disabled 
    • By pops anderson
      I have a Konnect  Wallet Receiver in turkey 
      we looking for a real sender if so plz contact me
      via my whatsapp+18176069734
      for   the senders following 
      1.sender`s  propose procedure
      2.sender`s  propose ratio
      3.sender`s  balance you have in your acct 
    • By pops anderson
      i`m a now registered IGP Receiver 
      passed the cis verification 
      here in the united states 
      1.5 BTC is need  from  the sender
      to activate my upto
      $ daily Mastercard   
      60% payout to sender  in  BTC
      via BTC in 24 /48 hrs max 
      after confrirmation  that
       the 1.5 BTC in my wallet ok.
      plz contact me via my whatsapp+18176069734 asap if you need a real honest
       no scammer IPG Receiver 
      again as follows 
      ratio 60% sender
      40% me the receiver
    • By Babak Air
      Euro transfer non kyc with the lowest settlement percentage ratio
      As a server and receive an officer
      My WhatsApp = +989192285560
    • By pops anderson
      we are needing Receivers for the following
      $200B International Globe Pay Receiver
      $200B Zenquick Cash Wallet Receiver
      $500B  Insta Walletpay Receiver
      $200B Swiss Global Pay Receiver
      $400B Getglobe Pay Receiver
      plz only direct no scammers  and real contact me 
      via my whatsapp +18176069734
      we will know right off if you are a scammer a timewaster and a bullshitter as 98% are on here!! we need real active acct  card receivers 
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