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We all all know that active cards on platform wallets are hard to get. 

If you're looking for fast way to cash out your funds any other way apart from using the IGE Visa Debit card, you might end up losing them to fake receivers who will tell you they will cash out instantly. 

Don't be deceived. It's impossible to cash out instantly. The best is a couple of hours and only an expert merchant payments team on Skype can do it for now. Their Skype ID is: admin@instantglobalexchange.com and they are able to cash out various wallets because they have a linked infrastructure at the back end to do so.

Currently the truth is that the International Global Pay website is no longer working. Its gone. So even if with active card, you can't withdraw or exchange BTC. It is only very few insiders that are still allowed to cash out from the back end such as the team on Skype. The rest of the people have to lick their wounds and bear their loses.

So like I said earlier, if you're looking for fast way to cash out your funds, you might end up losing them to fake receivers who will tell you they will cash out instantly. Don't be deceived. Only Instant Global Exchange can help you can out with an affordable active debit card and truly pay out. They have also helped a number of people who have confirmed that their card method works.

I can help you cash out out with their method but PLEASE NOTE:

1. You have to trust me and follow instructions because I have the link to the only genuine platform and I will interact with you on a personal level.

2. Don't try to be greedy or smart, or dispute a process or instruction I have told you to take. Also be cool with giving out something in order to get more. The money in your wallet is just number, not money and therefore needs some hard work to convert it to money.

3. Have an open mind because the method might be innovative and out-of-the box but very practical.

For further details and a way out, let's chat on Whatsapp +1 9179479396

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