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I need an automatic mt103 receiver via swift.com

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5 hours ago, Histoire said:

I need an automatic  mt103 receiver via swift.com

i have a mt103 cash receiver in the U.K. whom i am very very direct to him pay out 24 hrs 

his banks are  Lloyds of London and Natwest

ratio as follows

65% sender

10% me 

25% my receiver

plz contact me asap via my u.s. whatsapp+1 817 606 9734

if you  aren`t direct nor serious don`t waste my or your time!!!!!!!

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We are ready to receive any amount through a T/T ( Telegraphic Transfer ) or MT103 direct transfer, according to the practice of the banks operating in the Sultanate of Oman. 
And we also have an option to invest the sender’s share in quarries, crushers and real estate with legal investment contracts starting from six months to  Five years, where those whose investment period exceeds one year can obtain an investor card with all its privileges and with a monthly return of not less than 6% ؜ added to that the payment of his share of the original transfer, which reaches 100% ؜ for a period of five years. 


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Guest If you can bring your sender or techn
On 11/21/2020 at 5:37 AM, Histoire said:

I need an automatic  mt103 receiver via swift.com

If you can bring your sender or technical person on zoom call with my receiver trust me u will have successful transaction with no issues ,my receiver is ex banker level 8 hsbc uk and Barclays uk he is a technical man ..he will guide ur technical person when sender and also he will prepare the files for the sender to use to send so the funds will be credited ..the reason been that is all slip u see or meet are all full of mistakes and wrong inputs ..so come my in box let talk ..if ur sender or technical person can inject direct . jamestim2018@gmail.com

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