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I have been trapped in an extortion threat.

I was told there is a receiver in International Global Pay. I had a friend who had a sender.

The receiver’s broker offered 2 + 2 deal…that is the sender would get 2% of the dollars transferred and rest 2% would be shared by brokers involved in this deal.

The deal was for 7 Million $. The 2% of 7 Million $ was to be received in 10 days after transfer.

The sender and his broker were from India.

The receiver was in Dubai. After the transfer the site went down and the payment was delayed.

Now the sender’s brokers want the money…and the receiver says till the site is not restored…he cannot pay.

The sender’s broker tell me that they have nothing to do with receiver…and that I have to pay irrespectively. I have argued that how am I responsible…they don’t want to hear anything and have put a lot of pressure on me to pay them 2% of 7 Million dollars in INR. They have went ahead and threatened me too of extreme consequences if I do not pay real money.
How do I come out of this situation, as this just sounds like extortion.

I told the sender’s brokers that once the site is up if they want the 7 Million dollars would be reversed by receiver in sender’s wallet…because I am not liking this threat.

The sender’s broker say…they won’t accept anything other than money in INR.


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